Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Let's go to the beach, each, let's go get a wave...

Hey royalties,

I'm so sorry for leaving you guys, I've been so busy, I completely forgot to keep you informed!

On Thursday, I went bowling again. This time I came joint second instead of last, so I'm counting my previous bowling experience as a bad fluke. I poured slushie all over the floor that day, so maybe it was supposed to be a bad omen, but I'm absolutely clueless at reading signs.

On Saturday, I went to Eastbourne beach (so I can cross it off My Summer Bucket List) and it was so cool. Sure, it was a pebble beach (which I've never been to), but it wasn't that bad. It actually meant that I'm not going to find sand everywhere. I took pictures, but they came out meh, so I'll post a few and post my friends later. I invited one of my friends to come and she turned out to be a lifesaver. Basically, we were bursting to go to the toilet after a 2-hour coach journey, so we were wondering around the shops asking if we could use the toilet. They said that because of health and safety reasons, they weren't allowed to let 'people off the street' use them. So we had to go back to the beach so that my friend could collect her purse, then we had to go back to the shop, order a chocolate cake (for me) and a pastry (for her) and eat it before we could use the toilet. All-in-all, this took about half an hour. She was a lifesaver because she thought to bring money and I didn't.

My lovely toesies.

Part of the pier that wasn't burn't down

On Monday, I made an ice lolly. It wasn't made with Sprite and gummy bears, but I did use Ribena and Haribo cherries.

Love, Peace and Snickers xx }|{

P.S. Quote of the day: Have you ever had a fly or small bug land on your computer screen and your first reaction is to try and scare it with the cursor?

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