Tuesday, 25 November 2014

About Me | TMI Tag

Hey guys,

So , I've been tagged by +Jess Quaynor to do the TMI Tag, which I've happily accepted and hopefully from this you can take a peek into my weird world.

1 | What are you wearing? aAbig woolly jumper and leggings.

2 | Ever been in love? No
3 | Ever had a terrible breakup? No
4 | How tall are you? 5"2
5 | How much do you weigh? 53kg (ish)
6 | Any tattoos? No
7 | Any piercings? Yup
9 | Favorite shows? The 100, The Big Bang Theory, The Mindy Project, Some Girls
10 | Favorite bands? The Vamps, Fall Out Boy, others I cannot think of in this moment of time...
11 | Something you miss? Nandos (I haven't been there for ages)
12 | Favorite songs? Young Volcanoes, Shout about it
13 | How old are you? 15
14 | Zodiac sign? Aries 
15 | Quality you look for in a partner? Taller than me (basically everybody)
16 | Favorite Quote? Always be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of somebody else.
17 | Favorite actors? Zoey Deutch, Sarah Hyland, Nick Robinson and Zac Efron
18 | Favorite colour? *RED*
19 | Loud music or soft? Both, depends if I want to be calm or not
20 | Where do you go when you’re sad? The Capitol so I can laugh at their ridiculous hairstyles.
21 | How long does it take you to shower? 30 minutes...
22 | How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 20 minutes
23 | Ever been in a physical fight? Yes
24 | Turn on? Snickers
25 | Turn off? Cheese and Onion crisps (it's the only cheesey thing I can't stand)
26 | The reason I joined Youtube? I have no clue...
27 | Fears? Spiders, dogs and I'll become a Lilliput in my sleep
28 | Last thing that made you cry? Being knocked into, yes into, the ground by a 55kg girl during a rounders game.
29 | Last time you said you loved someone? Today
30 | Meaning behind your YouTube Name? There is no reason, literally words I picked out of the dense forest in my head.
31 | Last book you read? City of Halves by Lucy Inglis
32 | The book you’re currently reading? She is not invisible by Marcus Sedgewick
33 | Last show you watched? Some Girls
34 | Last person you talked to? My pops (dad)
35 | The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Friend
36 | Favorite food? Pancakes
37 | Place you want to visit? The rain room
38 | Last place you were? School :(
39 | Do you have a crush? Do you have 2 hours to spare?
40 | Last time you kissed someone? Yesterday
41 | Last time you were insulted? Yesterday
42 | Favorite flavour of sweet? Strawberry above everything else ^.^
43 | What instruments do you play? Recorder and little piano
44 | Favorite piece of jewelry? Necklace with a hama-bead gameboy attached.
45 | Last sport you played? Zumba's a sport right?
46 | Last song you sang? AM to PM by Christina Milian
47 | Favorite chat up line? How you doin' (Said like Joey from FRIENDS)
48 | Have you ever used it? On my friends...
49 | Last time you hung out with anyone? Sunday
50 | Who should answer these questions next? My lovely followers and you!

This was so fun to answer, I laughed throughout  the whole thing!

Love, Peace and Snickers xx }|{

P.S. Quote of the day: Everyone has a friend who laughs funnier than she jokes. (Unfortunately, this is me. Well, that's what my friends tell me. I think I'm hilarious.)

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