Friday, 11 September 2015

Lifestyle | Being A Teenager # 1

Hey Lovelies,

After surfing the Internet (I shouldn't have time to, but...), I came across this photo and it made my laugh hysterically. Mainly because I thought it was just me. My earphones are permanently jammed into my ears, so counting songs has become useful for everything. 'Have you revised quantum physics in Latin?' 'Oh Yeah, I remember doing it while listening to Pretty Hurts by Beyonce!' Anyhow, it gave me the idea to talk about being a teenager. So here I am, ready to destroy the dreams of pre-teens around the world (sorry)! 

Being a teenager is not all its cracked up to be
The day before I turned 12, I was so excited to become a teenager - the supposedly big 1-3! I stayed up til midnight, hoping against hope that I would suddenly have a growth spurt,  and become the teenager everyone wanted to be. Midnight finally came around and I was still short and I felt exactly the same as when I was 13. All that changed was I had responsibilities. *Sigh*

Opinions change
Surprisingly, it isn't just your opinions that change. So do the opinions of people around you. Sure, you decide to start liking people you thought were gross (that boy who used to wipe his muddy hands on his white shirt suddenly looks adorable), Baby by Justin Bieber is no longer your favourite song and you are now embarrassed by your array of cuddly toys that took up residence on your bed, but 13 is definitely the age where you're too old to be treated like a child, but too young to be treated like an adult and your parents have no clue how to tread the fine line between them.

Have you ever had the feeling where you question every word that comes out of your mouth? 'Oh no, I shouldn't have said that, she might take it the wrong way' or 'Whoops, that didn't sound right' I'm pretty sure it has happened to everyone at some stage, not necessarily during the teenage years. I still do it sometimes. It isn't helped by the chorus of 'that's what she/he said' that my friends never fail to say every time. *Insert eye roll here* I know every person of authority says think before you speak, but the thing is it always sounds right in your head. Anyhow, paranoia doesn't always have to happen with words. Sometimes, you leave the house, slightly self-conscious about what your wearing, praying people aren't talking about you or you get anxious when you realise you don't own the newest fur jacket (which by the way, looks exactly the same as the one in your wardrobe).


Being a teenager is a roller coaster ride. I had low self-esteem, but I hid it well. Well... I'm pretty sure I did. But as a fully-fledged teenager, the only piece of advice I have for you is to own it. If you want to wear colour when this season's trend is monochrome, do it. There will always be haters, so pop on those rainbow coloured shades and walk down your metaphorical catwalk! Hold your head up high and live your teenage years to the fullest because you only have one shot at it!

What do you think is the best thing about being a teenager?

Love, Peace and Snickers xx }|{

P.S. Quote of the day: When people cut you down or talk behind your back, remember, they took time out of their pathetic lives to think about you.

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