Monday, 25 January 2016

Lifestyle | My Favourite YouTubers

Hey Lovelies,

The first step to overcoming a problem, is to acknowledge it. So here is my confession : half my life is spent on YouTube. I know there are many productive things I could be doing with my day, but instead I ignore the small voice and watch videos on how to tame a snake, even though I live in London, where there is absolutely no chance I'm going to see a snake. So I've compiled a list of my favourite YouTubers at the moment.

1 | IISuperwomanII
Hello, hi. Yes you. If you don't know who this is, where have you been? Superwoman is the most perfect unicorn ever. Her videos are always relatable and so funny.

2 | Cydnee Black
Her makeup tutorials are life! I have no patience and tend to avoid videos longer than 7 minutes, so her 5 minute videos are great!

3 | Kurt Hugo Schneider
His covers and the one take videos that go with it are amazing!

4 | BuzzfeedYellow
These videos (kind of) follow the lives of Buzzfeed employees in a really funny way.

5 | BuzzfeedViolet
I don't think I've ever watched a video on this channel I didn't relate to.

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

Love, Peace and Snickers xx }|{

P.S. Quote of the day: If a robot did the robot, would it be the robot or just a dance move?

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