Friday, 7 October 2016

Netflix Shows To Watch

Hey Lovelies,

I have come out of hibernation to bring you a new post. I have (sadly) stopped watching TV shows because contrary to what I think, you can't actually pass A-levels without studying. But after months of binge-watching whole series, I've decided to share with you a few of my favourites!

1 | Dexter

I recently just finished all 8 seasons  and can I be the first to say that IT WAS AMAZING! It's about a serial killer, but it has a twist... Dexter only kills killers. Over the 8 seasons, you see him grow and develop as a person, whilst also testing the barriers of right and wrong.

2 | My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This show is weirdly hilarious and features many song breaks, which adds to the entertainment. It's about a woman who moves from New York, where she had an amazing job, to West Covina, California for a guy she dated years ago at summer camp. But apparently, she's not crazy!

3 | Stranger Things

Everyone, and I mean everyone, is addicted to this show. You're addicted even if you don't know it yet. Set in the 80's suburbia, you'll find that you'll have a new thirst for superpowers... and Eggos. It's about a boy who goes missing and his family and friends embark on a quest to save him (THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BASIS. I COULD GO ON ABOUT IT ALL DAY)

4 | Scream

I'm not an avid fan of horror, but this series is sooo good. A girl is being harassed by a killer, who kills her the people around her one-by-one to get to her. Even with all my suspicions, I still couldn't guess who the person behind the mask was. Can you?

5 | Jane the Virgin

A melodramatic comedy with an outrageous plot. But still I love it. As the title implies, Jane is a virgin, but she becomes pregnant after a mix up at the hospital. The series is has a lot of plot twists and drama and I wish it was my world to be honest. #TEAMRAFAEL

Sigh, now I have to go back to a world of doom, gloom and studying. I hope you guys enjoy yourselves with these shows for me! What are your favourite Netflix shows?

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