Friday, 1 November 2013

Life really does get in the way

Hey lil' fries,

So I decided I was going to go on a diet a few weeks ago, and it was going really well, when life decides to throw lemons my way. Basically, my mum decided to take us to KFC. It was good, but the whole time I was thinking don't eat too much. Obviously, I didn't listen to myself and I ate until I couldn't walk.

I have realized that I have eyebrow dimples. When I lift my eyebrow, I have dents. I look hilarious, so now there is no point me perfecting my arched eyebrow.

Also, I have a hundred cats and a mouse poster in my house. It is so cool. It looks like this:

When a new visitor comes to my house, I drag (yes drag) them to the poster and make them try and find the mouse. See if you can find it!

Love, Peace and Snickers xx }|{

P.S. Quotes of the day: When I have children, I'm going to make then watch the movie 2012 and tell them I survived that like a BOSS!

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