Monday, 6 January 2014

I am Weird!

Hey spies,

So yesterday, I hugged an iron and it leaked all over me. I was only trying to get warmth from it and it decided to attack me! Why????

So I have decided to make New Years Resolutions!!!

This isn't mine. My life is not that messed up!

1. Believe in God
2. Don't care what anyone thinks about me
3. Be awesome
4. Make someone laugh everyday
5. Be unique
6. BLOG!

Today, I enforced my be unique resolution and went for an old fashioned hairstyle with a twist (basically 2 pom poms with a steep quiff) and I looked awesome, though people tried (and I mean really tried) to mock it! So that was 2 resolutions in one go!!

That's all folks!

Love, Peace and Snicker xx }|{

P.S. Quote of the day: I'm not mean, I'm just stating facts.


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