Monday, 17 February 2014


Hey buddies,

So as you can guess, this is basically a post about which country is better. This may be slightly biased as I'm from the UK, but I'm going to try and be aloof!

Reasons why Britain is better than America:

1 | Celebrating bank holidays (seriously we celebrate everything)

2 | Greggs (best pastry shop ever)
3 | Using a coin system that makes sense
4 | Castles
5 | Cheese rolling

6 | Offering the full English breakfast as a menu option.
7 | Writing the date in a way that makes logical sense.
8 | Free Health Care (NHS)
9 | The BBC (no adverts)
10 | We spell 'colour' with a U (No clue why this is better, it just is)
11Monuments - St. Pauls Cathedral, Stone Henge 
12 | The Beatles (they deserve their own point) ,Oasis, Led Zeppelin, The Who, all the other great British bands
13 | The unpredictable weather 
14 | Better national anthem (I like our tune better) 
15Red Postboxes
16 | GMT - Time is based on London

Why America is better than Britain:

1 | Truly epic TV dramas
2 | Thanksgiving
3 | Childhood memories (you guys have way better proms)
4 | America has a leader who can pull off stuff like this:

5 | Your deep and abiding love of bacon

6 | Fishing

7 | Half time shows
8 | Bears vs. Pigeons (Bears are way better than pigeons)
9 | Snowfall in America (Is also way better)
10 | Disneyland
11 | Y’all (That is the point basically)
12 | You’ve been to the moon
13 | Affordable homes
14 | You get more money
15 | You guys have jocks and pep rallies, the only thing awesome we have is non-uniform day

Which country do you thing is 'better'?

Love, Peace and Snickers xx }|{

P.S. Quote of the day: Don't like me? Cool. I don't wake up to impress you everyday.

P.P.S. I hate how Americans say 'route', it's 'route'. Wait, that doesn't make sense.

(Paraphrased version) I hate how Americans say 'rowte', it's 'root'.

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