Monday, 3 March 2014

11 Things I Hate About Life!

Hey foreigners,

This is a list of things I hate in this world. WARNING! This is meant to be irrational, so if you are going to be offended or whatnot, please go elsewhere.

1 | Things not getting to you in the short space period you give it. - If I ask for something, it kind of means now, not in your pace of life. Who wants to wait 2 minutes for someone to move? In that time I could have learnt a new word in the dictionary. (Kibitz- butting-in or interfering in people's business)

2 | Not being acknowledged for holding open a door. - When I have a shot of generosity, I would like it to be noticed. Did you thing the door opened by itself? You're Welcome!

3 | 'Gangsters' walking around with their trousers hanging around their knees. - If you're a gangster, how are you going to run from the police? Hmmm?

4 | The last drops in the juice carton. -  If you are able to drink everything but one little drop of milk or juice, I shake my head at you. DON'T put it back in the fridge! Just finish it.

5 | Watching people put their contacts in. - Isn't the sole reason for contacts that people don't know you're wearing them?

6 | People who talk about their favorite sports team and say "WE" like they are a part of the team. - You didn't help them win/lose, don't include yourselves in the effort.

7 | When you ask for LOTS of ketchup and they give you only two or three packets. - I specifically, SPECIFICALLY asked for a lot. Just because I didn't specify a number doesn't mean you can get away with it. Now I'm going to have to ration the amount of sauce I put on my chips. Back to World War 2.

8 | People who read the last page of a book before they even started it. - What's the point? Really?

9 | People who ruin the ending of a book for you. - I didn't ask, so therefore you shouldn't answer the non-existent question. Now what's the book for? To eat?

10 | Walking into spiderwebs. - Why is the world not clean enough? When you walk through one, it stays with you for so long. You have to bath/shower to get it off!

11 | Last, but not least, that phrase. - If you are the last, you are most very likely to be the least, so don't try and sugar coat it. Be strong and take it like a wo(man)!

Love, Peace and Snickers xx }|{

P.S. Quote of the day: The awkward moment when the person you didn't want to invite somewhere, asks if they can come with you.


  1. DEFINITELY can relate to 3, 4 and 10. If you finish everything but the LAST DROP of milk in the bag, YOU are the one who should change it! I mean, c'mon, no one can make a glass out of that! :P And walking into spiderwebs? How inconsiderate of the spider! I mean, doesn't it know I'm walking here?!

  2. Finally, someone who knows how I feel!!


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