Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Lifestyle | My Favourite TV Shows

Hey lovelies,

Again I am living up to my title as a teenager as I have binge watched many TV shows  that I missed whilst doing my exams. So here are a bunch of shows that I seriously recommend you guys watch. THERE ARE NO SPOILERS!

1 | The Big Bang Theory
This show is the best. I always used to skip past it on the channel guide, but then one day I gave it a shot and I never looked back. The inside jokes, the relationships, everything! Everything about this show is hilarious. From insecure Leonard to the pragmatic Sheldon, this show is an absolute barrel of laughs.

2 | Baby Daddy
Baby Daddy is the type of show you watch avidly to see if 2 characters  finally get together after months of chemistry. And of course, there is also a love triangle which complicates everything further. And finally, a baby whose sole purpose seems to be to help one of the guys pick up women in various locations.

3 | The 100
I could ramble all day about this show. I love it so much. So much, in fact, that I did a whole post about it. You can check it out *here*!

4 | 2 Broke Girls
This show is amazing. It's about 2 waitresses who try to start a cupcake business. It's funny and Max (the brunette) is so sarcastic, you can't help but laugh.

5 | Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Any show or movie about superheros or extraterrestrial creatures is bound to be good. I love this show because not only are they battling aliens and what-not, but they sort out personal problems too. Drama is around every corner.

6 | The Next Step
I have also done a post on this show *here*. I just finished season 2 recently and I feel lost. A-troupe cannot catch a break and that's all I'm going to say about the finale.

7 | How I Met Your Mother
I already finished this show, but I re-watched some episodes. I am still so SO disappointed with the finale ending, but every other episode is fun to watch. 

8 | Jane The Virgin
I have actually only watched one episode of this show, but it was addictive from the start. The plot is hilarious. I can't wait to finish the season!

9 | Rules Of Engagement
Rules of Engagement follows a longtime married couple, a soon-to-be-wed couple and a singleton as they go about their daily lives. Sarcasm is the basis of this show and makes it funny to watch.

10 | New Girl
New Girl is also a show where 2 characters have chemistry and you feverishly wait for them to finally realize their feelings for one another. Then when (or if) they finally do, we all cheer. Jess (the main character) is so hilariously awkward you can't help but like her.

And that's a wrap! I really do recommend these shows so when you have time on your hands, watch them.

What are your Favourite TV Shows?

Love, Peace and Snickers xx }|{

P.S. Quote of the day: Go ahead. Judge me. Just remember to be perfect the rest of your life.

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