Saturday, 20 December 2014

Blogmas #20 | Away in a Manger!

Hey lovelies,

So I have seen some Christmas Tags floating around the blogosphere, so I decided to do my own for you guys! I'm going to answer the questions myself, so no one is spared the unorganised mess that is my life.

What's your favourite Christmas villain(s)?
My favourite villains are Harry and Marv from Home Alone (seriously, how can you not outsmart a kid?) and the Angry Elf from Elf.

What's your favourite holiday activity?  
My favourite holiday activity is trying to stay up til Christmas and falling asleep every time... and opening presents!

Stay home or travel for Christmas Day?
I travel to my Grandma's house, which is an hour away.

When do you open your first present?
I usually open my presents on Christmas Day, but for some reason, this year, I opened most the day I got them. Now, I have to save some up, so I don't feel left out on Christmas Day!
How much snow do you get where you live?
It depends on the year. Last year, there was no snow, but I remember a year when there was bucket-loads of snow. The English weather. *sigh*

Do you have any special Christmas traditions in your family?
I hate to be awkward, but no. Unless you count who wakes up first
(which I do), so I do have one!

What is your Christmas outfit this year?
Imagination: I will wear the cheesiest Christmas Jumper I can find and hopefully win the family competition.
Reality: I don't know. Maybe a Christmas tank top. 'Cause I'm weird like that. (We don't have a jumper competition)

Clear or colourful fairy lights?
I think I like a mixture of both so I can alternate. Or, I'd have colourful ones for Christmas and clear ones for the rest of the year!

Favourite TV specials?
I absolutely love the My Family Christmas Special. Every year it makes me laugh and I don't eveen know why.

Favourite Winter/Christmas clothes?
My massive green jumper that envelopes me. I feel as if I'm in my own separate world where being short is the way to go.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?
I know Santa has 8 reindeer and one of them is Rudolph. That's about it...
Wait, there's a Prancer, Dancer and Vixen and maybe a doner kebab?

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
It's real...If I had a tree...

What's your favourite Christmas food?
Imagine you have your Christmas Dinner in front of you. You've got turkey, parsnips, sprouts and other foods piled high on your plate. But, you rummage through the mountain of food to find... PIGS IN BLANKETS!!!!! They are literally the best invention ever!

Thanks for reading my ridiculous Tag. I admit I cracked myself up answering these questions, so maybe they're funny to read as well?

I nominate everyone reading this! Leave a link so I can read them!

Thank you +Jamie Jones+Joana Cruz and +Bryleigh M for helping me with the questions!

Love, Peace and Snickers xx }|{

P.S. Quote of the day: Believe in Santa... just beclause!

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